Founded in 2018, GUAP has solidified itself amongst the top groups within the reselling community. Owned and operated by Entrepreneurs & Developers, our deep relationship with money and technology empowers us to succeed above the rest. Due to this symbiosis, we do our best to source information directly from the source rather than relying on cookie-cutter solutions provided to other groups within the community. 

Our #1 goal is to provide a welcoming environment for our members, regardless of their past experience. Members of our group have the confidence to not only share their success with others, but also to teach those that need assistance.

Included Features:

  • Direct communication with the most knowledgeable monitor developers in the community, allowing you to fine-tune your reselling experience
  • Monitor support for over 30 international locales
  • Exclusive partnerships with software companies (AYCD, $5/GB DOVERproxies, etc.)
  • Early Links & Variants for the biggest site (Kith, Slam Jam, Solebox, etc.)
  • Free slots for every release, run by our highly experienced staff using top-tier bots (Cybersole, Tohru, Balko, MEK, etc.)
Written by @ SudoShoe